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The Other Child
by Joanne Fluke

A real page turner! I couldn't put it down! Thoroughly enjoyed this read! Just added a new author to my list.

The High Mount
by Yann Martel

Loved it. Totally unexpected.

The Heartbreak Messenger
by Alexander Vance

This book was my favorite when I was younger, but after re-reading it, it wasn't that good.

Where We Found home
by Susan Mallery

haven’t finished this yet but so far it is very good. Mallery is a great author!

Cinnamon Roll Murder
by Joanne Fluke

I have read several of Joanne Fluke's books and always recommend them. The stories are clean mysteries that even young people can enjoy. I enjoy making several of the recipes. So far this one has normal spring weather that covers slippery mud, ice, snow and rain. A major pile-up involving the jazz band that was going to be playing at the weekend jazz festival. Several members of the band are injured. The driver of their bus is dead. The keyboard player has minor injuries but ends up dead when someone plunges scissors into his chest. Hannah to the rescue. I don't know if I will be able to finish before this program ends so I will recommend this book now.

A Hero To Keep
by Susan Gable

I finished this book. At first I could hardly put it down. It is fiction but could very well be a true story. It starts out with help to a very young boy who had seen his father kill his mother in a violent way. He was so stressed he stopped talking all together. He went to live with his mother's sister. The sister also has major issues from growing up and is not comfortable with children even though she really loves the young boy and wants to help him. She has been to different organizations for help and the cartoon therapist was recommended to be able to help the young boy. He does and he is also able to help the sister. As we wind through the therapy, court for custody and the trial for the murder the actors are pulled in many different directions. I didn't think the end of the book was as good as the beginning. It was like the author had to finish and wasn't sure how to fit everything in smoothly. All in all it was entertaining for adults.

by GOD

Put off the old man, and put on the new. ( forsake the sins of the world, and believe in Christ Jesus.)

Into The Black Nowhere
by Meg Gardiner

Meg Gardner is one of my favorite authors and this sequel to the Unsub was riveting and a real page turner. If you like crime, suspense and mystery rolled into one, this book is a must read. Of course, she left us with a cliffhanger at the end so we know that there is another Caitlin Hendrix thriller in the works. Can't wait to read it when it comes out!!

How To Walk Away
by Katherine Center

Loved this book! Was about love and triumph and battle to succeed!

Memories of God; Theological Reflections on a Life
by Roberta Bondi

Where Bondi's Memories of God really shines is its approach to theology. Just as large portions of the Christian Canon is taught through stories, this memoir is written through the reflections of Bondi on her own life and how various instances in her life led her from one point of view in her theology to another point of view. Each chapter is set up in the format of the beginning of her life, and ending somewhere closer to the time of her writing the book and traces an idea and how it developed through various stages. This structure gets a little repetitive, as information inadvertently gets repeated with each repetition, though she does begin to shorthand some of this information several chapters in. Perhaps this structure works a little better for organizing the information, as I would imagine it would be difficult to track these themes all at the same time. This makes it somewhat like the four Gospels or Chronicles and Kings. Some chapters seem stronger than others, along with the clarity of her spiritual journey. Her journey seems to reflect common patterns in prevailing thought amongst Christians, and shows the development and growing interest in certain early figures in Christianity who have somewhat different emphasis when compared to the interests of Western Protestants and Roman Catholics in their theologies.

Bonhoeffer; Pastor., Martyr, Prophet, Spy
by Eric Metaxas

This book functions as a very good biography of Bonhoeffer, especially for those unacquainted with his life and the time period. Its writing is not boring, in fact it is rather lively and really tells the life of Bonhoeffer as a cohesive narrative, which is sometimes difficult to do. This leads to a slight caveat; this narrative approach to the biography may be good for giving historical information, but sometimes this comes at the cost of grossly oversimplifying Bonhoeffer's theological and philosophical thought. Metaxas is clearly writing from the point of view of a particular Church tradition in the US, a tradition which he himself was not a part of, but Metaxas has rounded off some of Bonhoeffer's edges to make him more closely relatable and to make him become somewhat of a hero in the image of his own tradition. Perhaps this is good in the sense that it gets people more involved and interested in Bonhoeffer's life, but it shouldn't be confused as a primer of Bonhoeffer's theology of its self (though I would expect this book would in fact increase people's interest in reading Bonhoeffer themselves).

by Emma Pass

Fantastic Book. Grabs attention from the beginning.

Nerds Book 2

The time is for the whole week. 10 min each day.

The Fallen Man
by Tony Hillerman

Tony Hillerman was truly a master at juxtaposing ethical and moral issues with ethnic and sociological issues. He posed these complicated issues while telling an intriguing and engaging story in a majestic and beautiful western desert setting.

girls potty time board book
by ?

Very good for potty training. My one year old baby Jane always turns the pages of this book. She is very interested in the potty now. Thumbs up for this one!
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