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Healing The Cowboy's Heart
by Ruth Logan Hearne

Interesting story of how a vet is able to help horses. Ruth Logan Herne lives in Upstate New York and is a good author and I enjoy her stories.

The Creed Legacy
by Linda Lael Miller

Carolyn, brought up through the foster care system, falls in love with Brody Creed, but is abruptly abandoned when he receives a phone call from a pregnant woman with whom he had a fling. Ten years later, she still holds him in her heart. But will she dare give him another chance? Average romance novel.

Diamond In The Rough Book
by Roger Neumann

This was an interesting book about a local man, Dave Clark. Dave was born in Corning, New York on September 6, 1952. He was the oldest of three boys and was a healthy boy at birth but by June of 1953 he got polio. At that time there was no cure or vaccine for the disease. The parents were told he probably would not live and if he did he would be a vegetable. The doctor told the parents that if there was no brain damage he could survive using his brains. He beat the odds and did survive and with therapy and support of his parents he learned to walk. His biggest dream since he was about three was to be a professional baseball player. Using his brain, determination, support from family and friends he learned to play baseball and several other sports even though he was severely handicapped and walked using two crutches. He learned to play baseball and perfected a pitch on home fields. He eventually made it into the minor leagues as a pitcher. He often had another player who ran the bases for him. He was a good hitter. He earned MVP many times during his career and an inspirational legend to baseball. He is a short man, just five foot two inches but had a huge persistence, hope and love of baseball which made up for his size. I had never heard of him before but came across his story book at a fund raiser selling cheese for him. I was so impressed with his story and what an inspiration to anyone even if they are not physically handicapped. He did marry and has two children. I certainly would recommend this book even if not into baseball but just for the inspirational history of a fellow native. The author is also a native and lives in Horseheads.

Nickel Boys
by Colson Whitehead

An engrossing account of boys’ reformatory schools during Jim Crow era. Idealism abounds even amongst the indignities. Unforgettable!

The Daily Bible In Chronological Order 365 Daily Readings-Hebrews- Revelations
by NIV Version

My favorite daily readings of the Bible. Enjoy how they put the Bible in Chronological order to their best of their knowledge and research. Hebrews is the book of faith! Through the Holy Spirit's help you can learn a closer walk with God! Revelations is the book of prophecy of things to come and more to learn until they are revealed to us in the New Heavens with God.

City Of Girls
by Elizabeth Gilbert

The author captivated my attention from the very beginning. Well written and entertaining story.

Study of 1st, 2nd, and 3rd John
by Apostle John

Good study of John from the Daily Bible, NIV in Chronological order.

Death Of A Chimney Sweep
by M. C. Beaton

Just finished this book this morning. A charming book that kept me guessing right up to the last two pages. This story starts out with a bully who was found murdered and stuffed up in the chimney of his own home. They had a chimney sweep there that day to clean the chimney and he was missing so right off the bat it was believed to be the chimney sweep when he was found dead of an apparent accident. He had possessions from the murdered man among his personal effects when found so thought he had been caught stealing is why he murdered the bully. It was discovered that the chimney sweep had also been murdered and staged to look like and accident and made to look like a robbery. Hamish, Lochdubh police constable is once again given the task of solving these murders without the support of his superiors. He ends up all over coming up with creative excuses chasing leads and connecting still more murders until he finally tracks down a serial murder. He was also able to uncover several other unsolved crimes during his investigation. Another Hamish MacBeth mystery that was enjoyable to read. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys a good mystery filled with warmth and humor.

After You
by Jo Jo Moyes

Lou is living in an apartment made possible by Will's will. After a five story fall from the rooftop, she spends her convalescence back home. She signs up for grief counseling and builds a circle of acquaintances. A stranger comes to her apartment and turns out to be Will's teenage daughter that he never knew he had. Lots of problems! Lou finds herself falling for the paramedic who rescued her after the fall, but can't trust herself to get close to anyone after losing Will. A fabulous job offer gives her more opportunities for major decisions. Truly great interpersonal relationships in this book.

The Road Home Beverly Lewis
by Beverly Lewis

I enjoyed reading about the Amish families and some of their customs. I am a farmer at heart so I can relate to some of their customs. I especially liked the closeness of families.

The Cowboy’s Faith
by Danica Favorite

Great book on training horses, inspirational and a good romance. Light reading with meaning.

Light from the Word-June-August 2019
by Wesley Bible Resources

Daily Devotional that coordinations with the Sunday School lessons. A short devotional that applies scripture to everyday life. Enjoy this very much.

Study Of James Bible Study
by James, Jesus Brother

Very good study helping you understand the life of Jesus.

Underground Railroad Colson Whitehead
by Colson Whitehead

The Underground RailRoad was a stark, moving account of the people associated with the underground railroad. The lives and thoughts of the slaves involved as well as the freemen were in depth and emotionally gripping . I couldn’t put the book down!

by Michelle Obama

I finished Michelle's book and what a book it was. The first part on her growing up years and meeting Barack Obama was interesting enough but the last part was even better. All that they endured running for office first in their state then the US Congress and finally for President was unbelievable. They handle each issue that came up whether it was true or false with such high class. Michelle paints such a real picture of emotions trying to balance supporting her husband, balance a demanding job, and being totally involved with her girls. Moving into the White House and the complete different way of life was quite an adjustment. Michelle paints a clear picture of who this family was. How kind and caring and giving without putting others down ever and always be respectful. It takes a very confident, strong people to be able to do the job they did. I know I wouldn't want to trade places because I know I would never be able to endure what they have and stay sane. I really enjoyed this book and found it to be well written.
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